Tips For Traveling And Seeing New York

New York City is a wonderous place that everyone needs to experience at least once in their lives.  When traveling in the city you may want to consider taking sightseeing tours roosevelt ny where you will be guided around the city.  However, if you are someone that just likes to wonder around here are some tips I can give you from my last trip to New York.

Times Square

Times square is possibly the main attraction people will want to see in New York.  This is a great place to walk around and see what’s going on.  While in Times Square you will want to look for non-chain restaurants to eat at.  If you go to a chain restaurant like Applebee’s expect to pay a hefty price.  For appetizers we ended up paying almost eighty dollars.  It was insane.

Statue of Liberty

The statue of liberty is a great place to go for a tour.  The statue has an elevator that will bring people to the top if you don’t want to or can’t walk up all the steps.  When you reach the head you will have a great view of the city.  However, some may feel rushed if you have people climbing up behind you.

Pier 17 and China Town

If you are looking for a few small shops to pick up a souvenir, consider going to China Town or Pier 17.  There you can walk around and have some food, do a little shopping and have a great day.  In these areas you will have a lot of street vendors.  Beware of what you buy if it is a name brand, however, they do have some great stuff at reasonable prices.  Just be smart with your money.


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There are a lot of plays and shows in New York.  You don’t have to go to Broadway to see a great show.  Look at off Broadway shows for a night on the town.  You will see a great show at a great price.

A day or two in New York can be a great adventure.  Just go out exploring, take a tour and see the city.  Manage your money well and the trip won’t break you.