Tips For Riding And Managing Your Horse

Going out for a ride on a horse can be fun and exciting.  Sitting up in the saddle, guiding the horse through trails and experiencing how it must have been like back in the old days is a great way to spend an adventurous day.  Before going on a day trail riding dunlap tn trip you will want to take a few things into consideration.  Follow these steps and you and your friends can have a great day with a wonderful animal.

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Don’t be afraid

Fear is not an option.  If you are afraid of the horse, then the horse will become nervous and begin to react.  If the horse reacts in this way, you can get inured as well as injure the horse.  When riding a horse, the horse knows what to do, where to go and how it is supposed to act.  All you need to do is hold on and enjoy the ride.

Wear comfortable shoes

Don’t wear sandals or slip on shoes, you want to wear a comfortable pair of sneakers.  Boots are okay as well, but they really aren’t comfortable.  The reason you want to wear comfortable shoes is that you will have your feet in the stirrups for the majority of your riding adventure.  As such you will be putting a lot of pressure on them over time.

Don’t yell at the horse

Don’t yell, kick, hit or pull back hard on the reigns or the horse.  Going for a ride isn’t like what you see in the movies.  Before going out on your trip you will be given specific instructions as to how to manage and control the horse.  Make sure to follow those instructions to the letter.  It will make for a more enjoyable ride for you, the horse and everyone else on the trail.